Dutch Police

marcel Mobility, Smart Phone

For the Dutch Police we have developed a new way of supporting all the necessary processes for a policeman on the street. All functionality works on standard COTS mobile phones. The essence was to deliver maximum flexibility whilst keeping the functionality simple and easy to use.


marcel Website

Veiligregistreren is a web platform that provides a simple way for customers to timestamp any digital document. The timestamped documents can immediately be downloaded and are automatically send to the customer by email. The platform is used by accountants, lawyers, real estate agents and more. They use our platform to provide legal proof that documents are not modified anymore since …

Mobile ID

marcel Mobility, Smart Phone

For Law Enforcement getting the right information instantly is essential. For this we have developed a fast and easy to use application with which a policeman or another public servant is able to scan the Machine Readable Zone of passports and ID cards with a standard COTS smart phone.  

Car Multimedia

marcel Car, Mobility

For a Chinese manufacturer of Car Multimedia Systems we have developed a simple and modern user interface for their systems. The user interface had to work on all the models they produced.